September 30, 2014

Ichinojo Aki Basho Highlight

Do you know Ichinojo?  If not you should.  This kid is so new to Sumo that he can't even tie a top knot, yet look at this AMAZING Aki Basho performance!  Mongolia is the new Sumo capital.  Growing up practicing Mongolian wrestling gives these fighters a distinct advantage over even the most experienced Japanese rikishii. 

BJJ Scout Investigates the Double Guard Pull

I am fairly confident our BJJ founding fathers are rolling in their graves with the propensity for modern tournament fighters to double guard pull.  BJJ Scout lends some time on his B-Sides channel to this conundrum:

September 26, 2014

Rafael "Sandman" Lovato Jr. Wins Pro MMA Debut

Talk about timing... the Daily Show repeat wrapped up and I hit the guide on the TV remote to see highlighted on the bottom "Legacy FC MMA" which of course I switch on.  There it is, one minute into the first round of Rafael Lovato Jr.'s professional middleweight MMA debut!  Showcasing his trademark pressure passing, RLJ slipped through the guard and secured a head and arm choke raising his hips while driving his opponent Canaan Grigsby into Sandman territory, milking the tap with just a few seconds left in round one of Legacy 35 in Tulsa, OK.

SO nice and refreshing to see some solid BJJ and grappling in MMA.  I hope that RLJ will take away a lot from this win as he has some gaps to fill, but this is nothing short of awesome to see a solid pro debut from one of Carlos Machado's early students and current Saulo Ribiero protege.  Congrats Rafael! 

Attn: Three Harmonies Students

There will be no class tomorrow, Saturday September 27th, 2014.  Join me at the Tim Cartmell seminar! 

See you Tuesday!

September 25, 2014

Tribute to the Females of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A nicely put together shout out to the chica's in the sport and art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, quite possibly THE best martial art for womens self defense.  Check out this nicely shot video... preferably on mute! 

Tim Cartmell Will Teach You How To Be a Better Martial Artist

Hey guys, I need a training partner this weekend in Portland OR. for one of the best seminars you will ever participate in!!  

My friend and teacher Tim Cartmell will be visiting his students in Portland the weekend of September 26-28th.  All are welcome to the seminars which will be a combo of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and stand up self defense (bring both gi and no gi uniforms).

Friday September 26: 6-8pm
Saturday Sept. 27:      11-4 (one hour lunch)
Sunday Sept.28:          9am-11am

For further questions check out Ecole de Budo's website.  

Metamoris V

The latest card on the Metamoris all grappling promotion has been announced.  The famed MMA match between Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba will be once again visited as well as a powerful undercard with Zak Maxwell, Yuri Simoes, and Rafael Lovato Jr. just to name a few. 

I have mixed feelings about this card.  Saku is one of my favorite of all times and while this is not MMA, I still find it hard to watch one of my heroes continue to fight because of money when in all reality he should have retired a few years back.  As for Renzo... I have lost all respect since his "nightclub incident" and his subsequent response.  Maxwell and Tonon promise to be a barn burner that will NOT end in a draw!  The remainder of the card has promise and call me a curmudgeon but I am not so keen on the secret match shit.  Just tell me who I am paying for!