March 16, 2009

Brian and his Sword!

Brian taking the 2009 Lightweight NAGA Championship in Vegas!
Also here is video

Brian won his first match via Mata Leo (rear naked choke).
Won his second match 6-0.
Dominated his third match to come out 8-0.
Championship round (see above)Brian finishes with a triangle choke.

Brian fought in four matches without a single point scored on him. Brians third opponent is a black belt under Robert Drysdale, 6 X World Champion, who later was overheard saying to Brian, "Good job. He beats most everyone at my school, and he did not score a point on you!" Mr. Drysdale also invited Brian to his school as a kind gesture.

I will post more as they come in!

Cheers, and congrats Brian!

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