April 19, 2009

Bagua Jian Seminar - w/ Tim Cartmell

Three Harmonies Martial Arts Center

Proudly Presents:

Intensive Study of the

Bagua Straight (Jian) Sword

w/ Tim Cartmell

Sunday May 17th 2009

12 – 4pm


Seattle, WA.

* Location and further information is available upon registration*

For the first time ever, Tim has decided to teach the Sun Bagua Jian form and applications during this special one day intensive seminar! For students interested in Bagua, sword work, or just in weapons in general you do not want to miss this opportunity to train with one of the most sought out instructors of Bagua in North America, Tim Cartmell. This seminar will be capped, so pre-register ASAP to guarantee your spot!

  • Learn the full Sun Bagua Sword Form
  • Study the applications of key words and principles found within the form
  • Train with Tim Cartmell for his first public weapon seminar!

*Absolutely NO live blades! You must provide your own wooden jian!*

To register, or for further questions contact Jake Burroughs 206-941-3232 / three_harmonies@hotmail.com

About Tim Cartmell:

Tim lived in China and Taiwan for over 10 years of his life studying the art of Bagua / Taiji / Xing Yi from teachers such as Sun Jian Yun / Liang Ke Quan / and Luo De Xiu. Tim’s grasp of the principles and mechanics of the martial arts is second to none, and these skills transfer over to his translating and writing as well with such landmark texts as “Xing Yi Nei Gong” (co-authored with Dan Miller) / “Effortless Combat Throws” / translations of “A Study of Sun Taiji” – “Practical Chin Na” – “Chin Na Fa.”

For more information on Tim and his teachings visit www.shenwu.com

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