April 27, 2009

Great BC Seminar Weekend!!

Got back late last night from a wonderful weekend of training in beautiful British Columbia, and had to get on today and report back.

Eddie Bravo is one of my favorite teachers because he is very detailed (a Machado trait I am starting to see in all who are some how associated with the brothers!), has a great sense of humor, and tells it how it is without giving a fuck what anyone thinks! I respect that! I do not always agree with his opinion, but I respect a man who stands strong yet flexible in his convictions.

Once again Ari (big thanks brother!) at Victoria JJ hosted his teacher for a great seminar on the 10th Planet JJ ever evolving curriculum. My teacher Brian, his student Perry from Maple Ridge, and the notorious "Shadow" (Mike) joined me on my second trip up to Victoria. This seminar Eddie focused on breaking the lock down, passing the 1/2 guard, and getting to the dogfight position. Eddie is very methodical in his teaching style showing details and explaining why he does it that way and not the other way. He is genuinely concerned about each and every attendee making sure everyone is understanding what he is covering and is not getting left behind. Eddie is a very patient teacher and it is a treat to get to work with him.

My only criticism is that he does not roll with attendees at the end of the seminars he does. I can understand why he doesn't, but none the less I would love to roll with him. Overall a great time, and you will learn a TON! Check him out next time one of his affiliates hosts him!

On Sunday we headed over to Maple Ridge for a seminar my teacher, Brian Johnson, was putting on at his student Perry's academy. Once again the Machado style shines through with another one of their black belts, as Brian is not much different than Eddie in that he breaks things down in great detail, has a wonderful sense of humor all the while keeping things light and fun, and is genuinely interested in the development and betterment of his students and BJJ as a whole! Brian also surprised the seminar crowd with a very special guest, a Machado blue belt (one stripe) all the way up from Seattle joined the party in Maple Ridge!

Brian covered a number of side mount, and high ('S') mount attacks and strategies. Arm bars, triangles, and omo plata's were covered in great detail for three hours and then we rolled for another 1/2 hour. This is a great experience as attendee's are able to experience rolling with Brian (a first degree black belt), as well as rolling with other attendees. Afterwards Perry and his family hosted us at their house for a down home Canadian BBQ! Great food and great people! I love Canada and its residents as they are some of the nicest people with the greatest senses of humor! It amazes me that Seattle is a stones throw away from Canada, yet the Seattle-ites are completely different with their attitude and manners. Listen up Seattle, you could learn a lot from our neighbors to the north!

I am beat but it was worth every moment! We had a blast and hopefully will be back up sometime this summer. Eddie is booked solid for 6 months, so this may be the only time we see him in Victoria for 09, but his Vancouver affiliate should be bringing him in sometime later this year. Stay tuned as I will announce it as soon as I hear about it.


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