April 19, 2009

Leg Attacks Focus

Anyone who has ever rolled with me knows I am a huge fan of the leg attacks, all forms of them; Achilles locks, knee bars, toe holds, heel hooks etc. etc. I love them! They are misunderstood, poorly defended, and highly effective in both sport and street self defense. Many people have no clue how to defend them which makes them all the more effective.

So I have decided to have a focus for a bit on the blog.... all things leg attacks! I will offer reviews, ideas, and will even start it all off with a bang!! My teacher Tim Cartmell will be in town Saturday May 16th to offer a whole day of leg attacks and submissions! His leg attack game is very tight and he is excited to come in an offer a full day of lessons focusing on these specific attacks. Below is the flier for this event. Hope you can make it!

Train hard, train smart,

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