May 18, 2009

Cartmell Seminars are a hit!

This past weekend we were once again visited by Tim Cartmell for some great BJJ and sword play training. Tim offered, what I think, was one of his best training sessions... a comprehensive workshop on the dynamics of leg attacks for grapplers.

In true Shen Wu fashion Tim classified leg attacks via the method of application that force is issued. Basically all attacks fall into three separate categories (and we focused on the first two categories this weekend):
-Straight Attacks (knee bars & ankle locks)
-Twisting Attacks (toe holds & heel hooks)
-Compression Attacks (various calf slicers & knee separations

Over the span of 6 hours we covered a myriad of different leg attacks and submissions. First Tim would explain how the lock worked, why it worked physiologically, and finally positional entries into each submission.

Though the number of variations was dizzying, Tim kept bringing us back to the principles of each attack so that even if we did not remember the exact technique, we at least would be drilling the dynamic principle of the attack. For instance wherever you have a straight ankle lock you also have a heel hook!

All in all this was, in my humble opinion, one of the best training sessions I have ever had with Tim. I have been working on leg attacks quite a bit over the past 5 months or so with my training partner and friend "The Mike" so none of the actual locks were new to me. Yet the details of tightening up those locks was certainly missing from my game and the intricacies of maintaining position and controlling the appendage we were attacking was invaluable!

Despite several other area schools putting on leg attack themed seminars of their own (rumor has it one group did a last minute seminar this very weekend once they got word that many of their students were planning on participating in our seminar. Another school is offering a leg locks seminar in a couple weeks for a low dose price of $20) this seminar was one of the best attended seminars (over 20) we have had for BJJ since Tim started offering seminars here in Seattle! Big thanks to all who attended especially all the students at Three Harmonies, and Brian Johnson at the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy! We also had a group up from Portland (minus Kit, where were you bro?????). Thanks so much for making this successful guys! You just ensured Tim will be back with more BJJ this September!

For the Chinese geeks (such as myself) Tim offered to teach the Sun Bagua Jian (straight sword) this weekend as well. I thought for sure we would attract a lot of interest with this workshop since Tim has not taught this information in over a decade, but we ended up with a small dedicated group of under 10 people which was awesome for all attendees because they got all sorts of personal attention!

As always Tim made the training fun and easy to retain. We covered the basic manipulations of the Jian, reviewed basic circle walking, and then dove right into the form. Sun Lu Tang (creator of Sun Bagua & Sun Bagua Jian) was renown for his no nonsense straight forward approach to combat and training, so the form has no fluff or flowery movements. Just straight forward combat applicable technique that was easy to do and easy to learn applications.

Once again thanks so much to all of you who helped make this possible! I cannot say it enough, it takes two to tango and I cannot bring in quality instructors like Tim without the participation and support of people like you! I am glad everyone had such a great time, and I look forward to seeing you in September when Tim comes back to offer more BJJ and CMA training.


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