May 21, 2009

My 15 minutes.....

Does Warhol's "15 minutes of fame" count if you do it in small segments? If so I guess this is my 3 second (if that) start! As some of you know I am the head (only) kickboxing instructor at All Star Fitness Executive Club (5th and Olive Way). I teach the same curriculum as in all my group classes with the exception of throws, and take downs. Also in litigation heavy Seattle they will not allow me to spar with the students nor allow them to spar with each other. Otherwise I pride myself on teaching good, solid technique, not the bullshit "Cardio" Kickboxing seen in pretty much EVERY other gym in the US (thanks a ton Billy Blanks!)!

I teach a lot of women which is nice because they drop their ego at the door and listen WAY better then men do! And I actually have some of them kicking serious ass! I would put several of my girls up against any of my guys in any of my classes with full confidence they would give the guys a run for their money!

Anyways... All Star filmed a commercial for Comcast (local cable monopoly) and yours truly has some face time in it! I just walked in one day and there they were filming away, and they wanted to get my class since it is one of the most popular ones at the gym (their words, not mine), and naturally wanted to get me on film since I am the best looking (straight) male there. My street cred will most likely go down, but I am hoping my agent (an agent, any agent) will negotiate some better rates for me since I am blowing up now! The commercial will run locally on 30 different cable stations.


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