May 31, 2009

NWJJA Kicking Ass at Can Ams!

Big props to both Mike "The Shadow" Robinson, and Brian "Mr. BJJ" Johnson of the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy of Seattle, WA. for their victories today at the Western Can Am Championships in Vancouver, BC.

Mike finished all three of his opponents to go on to win the white belt 180# division. Two victories came via point decision, and his third fight ended with an arm bar! Mike was setting up the Americana from mount, his opponent turned, and Mike snatched the arm for the armbar. Textbook Basic 24 right there! Congrats to Mike on his first BJJ championship!

Brian fought the advanced no gi 150# division and swept the competition with three submissions in three fights! A Darce choke, a crazy arm bar, and a triangle are what Brian packed for this trip and finished his opponents with!

According to rumor the tournament was run poorly. I was not there so I cannot comment much further, but I was at last years tournament and it was a cluster fuck to say the least! Poorly ran and organized.

I will get video and pics up as soon as I receive them. When you see Brian and Mike make sure to congratulate them this week! Also look for a review of the Roy Harris seminar I went to over the weekend in Bend, OR.


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