May 27, 2009

We want our HD NET!!

While back home (Ohio) visiting fam, I got the chance to peruse my parents satellite listings to happily find HD Net. Not found on Comcast here in Washington state, HD Net hosts some of the best MMA and martial arts based shows, fights, and documentaries out there! Fans of Pride FC and Japanese MMA fights will find exclusive coverage of K-1's Fields and Dreams tournaments. Sengoku as well! Some great fights are happening across the globe and because of Comcast's evil monopoly in the Pacific NW they do not carry HD Net.

Those of us who find Bas Rutten hilarious and entertaining are also missing THE best (only) show on MMA from around the world with MMA Insider, again available exclusively on HD Net! Not only do they have fighter panels each show, but they also cover smaller, more local fights as well as the major fights like Sengoku, UFC, WEC etc.

Hopefully if we flood Comcast with requests for HD Net they will listen to the masses and include it in their coverage! Below is a copy of the letter you can send to Comcast, or simply click here for a direct link to the letter page to send to Comcast.

PO BOX 97007



I am writing to recommend that you add HDNet & HDNet Movies to your line-up.

They offer exclusive programming that is important to me and it is important that HDNet & HDNet Movies are a part of my television viewing options.

Please let me know if you plan to add HDNet & HDNet Movies to your channel line-up soon so that I may plan accordingly with my selection of cable or satellite service provider.

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