May 10, 2009

Winning never gets old....

NW Jiu Jitsu's own Brian "Mr. BJJ" Johnson won his 3rd straight Grapplers Quest Lightweight BB Adult division in Las Vegas, NV.

Defeating his first opponent via arm bar from the mount, Brian went on to his toughest match of the day against a Jean Jacques Machado black belt from Montana. Brian did not get the submission, but beat his opponent 6-0 on points. Keep in mind this is about 12 straight matches that Brian has gone without a point scored on him!
Onto his third match Brian's opponent took him down and basically threw himself into a triangle, so Brian was forced to put it out and put him out! 3x Grapplers Quest Champion!

Check back by Wed and I should have some pics and video up on the blog.

Congrats Brian!


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