June 25, 2009

Brian "Mr. BJJ" Johnson - NAGA Vegas & Can - Am's Champion

Here are the final couple of video clips of my coach and friend Brian kicking more ass at both the NAGA Vegas No Gi grappling championships, and Western Can - Am's grappling championships in Vancouver, BC. Brian's drive and desire to push his own personal limits is an inspiration to me, and all of his students! The amazing thing that many people do not realize with Brian is that his teachers, (John Will / David Meyer / Rigan Machado) all live thousands of miles away. Brian does not get to visit with them very often. So the only people he has to train with are his students! Brian runs a very "old school" academy in that you have to bust your ass and work hard to get rank, and the main way he grades or judges this improvement is by rolling with his students day in, day out! We have only one brown belt, about 5 purple belts, and the rest of us are either blue or white belts. Yet we provide Brian with enough variety, skill, and perseverance to be his sole training partners!

Hope you can enjoy objectively!

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