June 4, 2009

From Rosa Mikes wife...

Rosa, Mike & Nemo

Go softly, gentle warrior. My partner, my rock, my Hommie. You taught
me how to laugh and see light in darkness. Mike had Wolff-Parkinson
White Syndrome, which caused tachycardia. He always laughed and said,
"I have a wolf in my heart," but he was so strong, we were sure he
would live til 100. Even when he was training to be a fireman in NY,
he passed the tests with flying colors, could have saved an elephant
from a burning building, but his EKG was off the charts erratic, and
they told him his heart could give out at any time. Even so, he lived
his life with no regrets. He was a genius martial artist and a good
man down to the marrow.

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