June 10, 2009

Martello Obit in Kung Fu Taichi Magazine

There will be a 1/2 page obituary for Mikeee in the next issue of Kung Fu Taichi Magazine which Gene Ching (editor/ friend of mine) said should hit stands August 5th-ish. The magazine is found in most major bookstores and newsstands (do those exist anymore??). Not sure about Europe guys???

If for some reason you have a hard time finding it I think you can order single issues from the website (see above hyperlink), and if worse comes to worst you can contact me directly as I will get extra copies, and all I will ask is for the cost and shipping to be covered.

BIG thanks to Gene Ching for getting this in last minute. I literally had to scramble and get pics and the text to him within 48 hours so it would hit the printer in time! Gene bumped someone else for this, and I thank him. Gene has always been great to deal with, and one of the only editors out there I respect.

There will also be a longer obit on their e-zine in the near future. I am wrapping up writing for that. I never thought something would be so difficult to write. Not emotionally so much, but trying NOT to add in every damn thing I can think to say about Mike has been tough!



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