June 5, 2009

Mike's Youtube Legacy

Here is a link to Mike’s Youtube account where you can find hours and hours of footage. I know with his seminars in New Mexico, and here in Seattle, WA. he basically took all the footage I gave him and edited it down to the meat and potatoes so to speak. Those of you around the world are lucky in that Mike believed in sharing every

thing. He used to say: “Jake, why worry about anyone stealing something from video? They were not their, they did not feel what was happening. I want the world to see that the Chinese martial arts are still going strong, because honestly I am worried about the quality of the teachings being passed down.”

http://www.youtube.com/user/mikemartello Enjoy guys. Lots, and lots of good stuff on those videos. I do not know how things are handled on Youtube once someone passes, so you may want to burn them to hard drives just in case.



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