July 7, 2009

Taiji IS for fighting

Unfortunately here in the west Taiji has a reputation for being some sort of meditative silliness used to get in touch with your cosmic side, not an actual martial art (as it was created). Here is a clip of some Zhao Bao Taiji (a Chen derivative) that shows form, push hands, sparring, and actual throwing techniques (REAL push hands). The narrator mentions that students should be proficient in the basic fighting techniques within 6 months, and are ready for competition within a year of starting their training. This is contrary to what many purport here in the west that it takes years, if not decades, to become proficient in using Taiji's principles in live combat. Notice the HEAVY emphasis on throwing and the clinch range. I must admit their mitt work needs some improvement, but hey, at least they are doing some!


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