August 27, 2009

David Meyer Interview

On the eve of Abu Dhabi's NW Regional Tournament here in Seattle, Stephan Kesting of has made available an AMAZINGLY great interview with one of BJJ's most accomplished competitors, and our grand teacher David Meyer!

Click here for the link to the interview!

This interview is over an hour long, but is packed full of information that most take years to attain, not to mention this is a FREE podcast! You don't even have to pay for the info!! If you are thinking of competing, a coach of competitors, or a seasoned competitor yourself, you will take away a plethora of advice and information from this interview.

This is a great supplement, and preview, of what you will find in David's pivotal book "Training for Competition." If you have not picked up this text then you need to drop everything right now and buy it! Regardless of your interest in competing the information in "Training For Competition" will improve your ground game ten fold (which reminds me, I need to review the book for this blog!). No one has written a book that covers this kind of information and David's willingness to share his insight cannot be overstated!

Though he is humble, David is one of the foremost competitors in the grappling arts the world over! One of the "Dirty Dozen" (first 12 non-Brazilians to attain black belt status in BJJ) under the Machado brothers, David Meyer has competed in every major tournament in the western hemisphere and continues to compete to this day! An inspiration to us all!


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