August 27, 2009

BJJ Blue Print

My coach Brian Johnson has always advocated creating our very own BJJ "Blueprint" for growth and development. What a "blueprint" includes is techniques (submissions, transitions, sweeps, counters etc.) for each and every position (offensive as well as defensive) one can find themselves in when grappling (in 1/2 guard / opponent in your 1/2 guard / mount / you are mounted, etc.).

Not only does this give the practitioner a "game plan" but it also allows us to train when not training. In other words you can work on your blueprint while watching TV, or realizing after class, or on the bus into work. It has been proven in sports psychology that visualization, even when not engaging the body physically, has paid dividends for professional and amateur athletes alike. Engaging the mental / emotional factors is key in development and the learning process.

I have written out my game plan on a whiteboard so I can easily erase and move / replace techniques and moves as I develop. But John Will, one of our grand teachers at NWJJA, has made available his version of the BJJ Blueprint which can be found here:

I cannot tell you how much this methodology has improved my overall game, as well as my mental approach to the complex art of BJJ. BJJ can be a daunting venture for beginners as their is SO much information that one can be overloaded quite easily! A BJJ Blueprint (regardless of which ever one you use) in invaluable, and John Will has done the majority of the work for you with this free download. Print off multiple copies, and/or use a pencil so you can adjust your blueprint as you get better and evolve.

Train hard, train smart,

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