August 26, 2009

Tim Cartmell's Latest Book

I am finally back from my "iron liver" training trip (more on that later), and now I play the perpetual game of catch up! I have a lot to share so lets get right into it.

Martial artist, BJJ champion, sought after coach, and my teacher Tim Cartmell of Shen Wu Mixed Martial Arts based out of Orange County, CA. just released the second edition of his excellent BJJ text "Passing the Guard" co-authored with Ed Beneville.

I have yet to get my copy, but you can check out the Amazon page where one customer left a great review. I will due a full review once I have thoroughly read it. I own the first edition of course, and it truly revolutionized grappling based book production. The new edition has well over 100 more pages, chapters on training drills, as well as guard attacks. All the pictures were re-shot (I saw many of them in the final stages of the preparation of this edition, and they are 100% better than the first edition!) as well.

Train hard, train smart,

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