September 13, 2009

ADCC Live on PPV

I am not real sure how this works but it appears that they are going to offer a live stream, with video on demand (vod) after the tournament, of the Abu Dhabi Fights in Barcelona, Spain Sept. 26-27th. More info can be found here.

Keep in mind the tourney will feature 3 mats going constantly, with one mat dedicated solely to championship matches. VOD services will be available for a limited time, until Oct. 13th, of all matches.

I do not know if this will be live (I assume) or time delayed. Keep in mind that Spain is 8 hours ahead of us west coasters (PST).

Some amazing matches are sure to be had at this years prestigious event. See above for a list of fighters. Also check out ADCCBarcelona for more info, or click here for a breakdown of each weight division.


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