September 27, 2009

ADCC World Championshiops 2009

WOW! All I can say is WOW! In between teaching and training I have caught over 50% of the fights from this weekend, and it has been nothing short of amazing. If you have not seen the results, don't look further. VOD will be available from later this evening. I want to say they are charging $15. A steal!!!! If you paid for the stream you will get it for no additional fee.

Here is video of arguably the best match of the tourney; Marcello Garcia vs. Kron Gracie (Ricksons son): A virtual clinic on open and closed guard by two of the best!

Results below thanks to Kid Peligro!

Fabricio Werdum v Saulo Ribeiro Werdum by ref decision 2 OT

Jeff Monson v Robert Abreu _ Abreu by ref decision 2 OT

Xande Ribeiro vs Vinny Magalhaes - Xande by points 4 x 0 OT

Gerard Rinaldi vs Glover Teixeira - Rinaldi by points 5 x 0 OT

Andre Galvao vs David Avellan - Galvao by points 2 x 0

Braulio Estima vs Rafael Lovato - Braulio by submission foot lock

Marcelo Garcia vs K-Taro Nakamura - Garcia by choke

Rubens Cobrinha vs Rani Yahia - Charles by submission - Kimura

Pablo Popovitch vs Gregor Gracie - Pablo by points 3 x 0

Leo vieira vs Rafael Mendes - Mendes by sub choke OT

Penny thomas v Cristiane Cyborg - Thomas by points -2 x -1 OT

Hillary Williams vs Sayaka Shioda - Shioda by Submission arm-lock

Rosangela Conceicao v Hannette Staack - Staack by Judges Decision 2 OT

Luana Allzuguir vs Laurence Cousin - Alzuguir by choke 2 OT

3rd Place Matches:

Over 99KG:Jeff Monson vs Saulo Ribeiro - Monson by Judges Decision 2 OT

Under 99Kg Vinny Magalhaes v Glover Teixeira - Magalhaes by submission arm-lock

Under 88KG Rafael Lovato vs David Avellan - Avelan by sub foot-lock

Under 77KG Gregor Gracie vs K-taro Nakamura - Gracie by pts 10 x 0

under 66 Jeff Glover vs Ryan Hall (Vieira and yahia out with injuries) - Hall by pts 3 x 2

Ladies U60 KG Laurence Cousin v Hillary Williams - Williams by pts

Ladies Over 60 KG Cristiane Cyborg vs Rosangela conceicao - Cristiane Cyborg by jduges Decision


Over 99Kg - Fabricio Werdum vs Roberto Cyborg - werdum by pts 9 (-4) x 0

under 99KG - Xande ribeiro vs Gerardi Rinaldi - Xande by points 2 x 0

under 88KG - Braulio Estima vs Andre Galvao - Braulio by submission triangle

under 77KG - Pablo Popovitch vs Marcelo Garcia - Popovitch by points 3(-1) x 2(-1)

under 66KG - Rubens cahrles vs Rafael Mendes - Mendes by pts 7 x 4 2OT

Ladies Over 60KG Penny Thomas vs Hannette Staack - Staack by submission knee-bar

Under 60KG Luana Alzuguir v Sayaka Shioda - Alzuguir by pts 3 x 0


Marcelo Garcia v Bruno Bastos - Garcia by submission choke OT

Braulio Estima v Janne Pekka Pietilainen - Brualio by submission arm-lock

Dean Lister v Vinny Magalhaes - Magalhaes by Judges Decision 2OT

Chris Weidman v Antoine Jaoude - Weidman by pts 3 x 0

Ricco Rodrigues v Xande Ribeiro - xande byy submission key-lock

Andre Galvao v Tom de Blass - Galvao by pts 3 x 0

Jeff Monson v Gunnar Nelson - Nelson by pts 3 x 0 2 OT

Roberto abreu v David Avellan - Avelan by Judges decision 2 OT

Quarter Finals

Marcelo Garcia v Braulio Estima - Braulio by sub choke

Vinny Magalhaes v Chris Weideman - Magalhaes by sub arm-lock

Xande Ribeiro v Andre Galvao - Xande by pts 3 (-1) x 0

Gunnar Nelson v David Avelan


Xande Ribeiro vs Gunnar Nelson - Xande by Submission Knee-bar

Braulio Estima v Vinny Magalhaes - Braulio by pts 3 x 0


Xande Ribeiro v Braulio Estima - Braulio by saubmission arm-bar

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