September 27, 2009

Asashoryu Wins 24th Emperors Cup

On his 29th birthday, Mongolian Sumo great Asashoryu won the emperors cup for the Autumn Basho in Japan on Sunday. In a classic war, two of Sumo's most successful rikishii fought on the final day, Asashoryu (14-0) vs. Hakuho (13-1). Hakuho came out fast and strong blasting through Asa's defenses with Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out). This tied the wrestlers forcing a playoff. The second tachiai was strong, but more controlled by both warriors. Hakuho tried several times to compromise Asa's balance and structure, but he quickly gained composure and would not relinquish his mawashi grips securing the Sukuinage (Beltless arm throw).

Throughout this tournament (Asashoryu's 24th winning of the Emperor's Cup) Asa has looked strong and confident. Knee and elbow injuries have not played a factor in this strong, strong showing. Hakuho also fought very well throughout the Autumn Basho.

Here is the highlight from NHK news:

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