September 14, 2009

Book Review; "Got Fight"

Before we delve any further if you are offended by the word 'fuck,' are not confident that you are a man's man, or have a tattoo of barbed wire wrapped around your bicep.... this book is certainly not for you. As a matter of fact the interview itself will most likely offend you. So stop reading right now!

If you are still reading it is safe to assume you are looking to improve your fight game, get better at pimping on the ladies, and/or looking for deep philosophical advice from one of MMA's most prominent fighters; Forrest Griffin.

"My philosophy on getting knocked out is that it renders you unconscious and numb, so why worry about it." And so starts Griffin's hysterical book that is part retrospective, part instructional (yes, you do learn the ancient Chinese secret; the Asian Dart), and all fun! Just prior to this first chapter revelation you must take a 7 question test on your manliness that offers questions such as; do you shave your genitals or face more? You wake up one morning with a fat chick laying next to you; what do you do? etc. You see the direction this is going.

Filled with hilarious anecdotes offered by both Forrest and a bevy of his "friends" the easy 180 page read is broken into 6 "books," The Physical / The Mental / Smart Advice (mostly on women, and perhaps not that smart) / Handling your Business / 42 fighting tips / and the Vault of Supersecret Techniques. "Got Fight" is one of the more entertaining books I have read since Moore's "Lamb."

Forrest certainly does not take himself too seriously on any level, yet offers sound advice through the smart ass facade he surrounds himself with. Talking about his first time in a MMA fight and the promoter had to replace the bottom rope of the boxing ring with a chain! Making sure to offer insight into the shady world of promoters and managers Griffin has no motive other than coughing up basic advice he could have used when breaking into the sport of MMA.

In a world of wanna - be cage stars this book should bring some levity to their desire to jump into the cage and get their wits knocked loose. Nothing about Forrest's' career is all that glamorous. The pictures of his staph infected knee, and face all busted up after fighting in the UFC are wake up calls via reality. Talking about making $250-500 for your fight, when hospital bills are 3x that amount! How in one promotion a guy blows out his knee and the promoters simply take him out in the back alley and leave him! "Got Fight" really does not promote the sport as something every swinging dick should attempt, yet it fills enough of the void in most of us to peak our interest.

Some have called the book vulgar. Some have criticized it as immature toilet reading at best. I would say it is vulgar, immature toilet reading that should not be missed! Go out and buy (the softcover version) 'Got Fight' today and enjoy a good laugh tonight. If you are remotely involved in the martial arts you will laugh out loud and walk away (if not already) an even bigger fan of Forrests'.


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