September 30, 2009

Master Toddy Seminar Review

Master Toddy visited Tacoma, WA. this past weekend to offer a day of teachings in the art of Muay Thai. Hosted by Venom Fight Skinz the curriculum was supposed to be the same seminar taught twice, but turned out that it would be two different seminars which was a bummer since I came to the later seminar since I was told they would be the same. We did not follow the curriculum that was presented to me, but none the less learned some great stuff.

Toddy is probably best known for producing some amazing female fighters such as Gina Carano (pictured to the right), but is also a very well respected Muay Thai coach for all ages and sexes! He has been doing Muay Thai for over 40 years.

The seminar was poorly attended, possibly due to poor planning and advertising, perhaps due to the economy and the slightly inflated price! Tough for the promoter but awesome for those of us in attendance because we got all kinds of personal attention from Master Toddy. For the seminar I attended Master Toddy asked what we would like covered and for the most part powerful kicking was needed, and a few of us grunted out some clinch work would be nice. Toddy was great in addressing a number of our questions.

Little details for both the clinch and kicking were addressed which tweaked my kicks to be all the better. But above and beyond the physical Toddy talked about some of the mental - emotional aspects of the sport, which in my experience is uncommon with many teachers. Speaking about not showing pain or anguish when hit, and if you see such a thing in your opponent you need to attack like a Tiger ferociously striking over and over. How to look for loss of balance with your opponent in an effort to continue striking them so that they cannot launch counter attacks. Not grimacing when kicking. He also spoke about tricks for your opponent (much the same that Benji Radach talked about last December when Mike and I trained with him) such as looking to the leg but kicking to the head, and vice versa!

Overall the 2 hours went by much too quick, and unfortunately Toddy did not bring his "learning stick." You can click here to view some nice pics from the seminar.

If you get the chance to train with Toddy I would highly suggest it. He has a wonderful sense of humor and a keen eye for training and technique. I was very impressed by all that he had to offer and hope to get other chances in the future to train with him.

Train hard, train smart

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