November 29, 2009

"Fighting Fit" Brit mag hits US market

"Fighting Fit" is in it's fourth issue which can be found at your local bookstore. Originated in the UK, this mag is a step above what we have seen in a lot of the latest rags to jump on the MMA bandwagon. Encompassing martial arts, MMA, BJJ, boxing, and any other combat sport the variety of interviews, articles, and tips was refreshing. Most of the articles talked about various approaches to training and diet, which is a refreshing break from the typical "I am going to kick his ass until..." testosterone BS found in most of the MMA rags.

I always find it fascinating to see inside of fight camps and their approach to training, diet, focus, mental game etc. This magazine fits that niche for sure. The only down side is the price... 4+pounds UK, equals about $11 US!! I am not sure it is worth the price in that respect. Grab a latte and sit and read this one at the local bookstore.


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