December 12, 2009

BJJ Legends Magazine.... Round 2

Some of you may remember the review I did of the inaugural issue of BJJ Legends back a couple of months ago. Against my better judgement (I was not impaired at the time) I purchased the second issue of the new rag, lured by the promise of deep, inspiring words and thoughts by BJ Penn; Luis Heredia; Penny Thomas; Leo Viera.... and of course the crack at the bottom of the gift box... an exclusive DVD!

In an effort to improve my writing skills (In the latest issue of Journal of Asian Martial Arts I reviewed Liang and Yang's book "Bagua") I have been reading a bit about how to review a products, and one of the first things they say is to review what the product IS, not what I want it to be. Seems simple enough, lets give it a whirl.

What is needed is a magazine that covers grappling. Not just grappling, but we need a rag that represents BJJ / Sambo / Judo / Catch / Freestyle etc. etc. Currently the market is saturated with MMA magazines. It is worse then the women's clothing section at the bookstore! So lets just get that out of the way, we need serious grappling coverage!

Suffice to say our cravings will not be quenched with this second issue of BJJ Legends. Dare I say it has actually gotten worse if such a thing is possible. The DVD was the highlight this time, only because there was footage from 2008's Joe Moreria's Black Belt Challenge including matches with Jean Jacques Machado black belt Jimmy Tang, and Megaton Dias! The interviews were lame. No pressing questions, even with pro trainer Lou Smith it was basically three pages of people saying how good Lou Smith is! I don't give a shit how good Josh Barnett thinks Lou is, I assume if he is worthy of being interviewed then he knows his shit! I want to hear some tips from Lou. Some training ideas to keep things fresh. How he approaches dietary concerns. I am not interested in hearing BJ talk about how nice it is to live in Hawaii. No shit Sherlock! I can't imagine it is too bad!

All the interviews lacked substance, and journalistic integrity. The techniques shown were basic and nothing to get excited about. Nothing wrong with basic, but at least add in some tips. Not just "put left foot on right hip, push." The one exception to this is Ary Farias an up and coming competitor in the brown belt division, who had some cool bicep cutters from guard , and top 4 quarter. Save your $13+ and I will show you in class next week!

So in closing...reviewing what this is... it is a waste of money. Save your bills for Jean Jacques Machado's newest book due out next month!


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