December 7, 2009

Feedback on Diet Post

Though it has only happened once or twice, it makes me feel great when I get feedback from people I do not know that read my blog and find inspiration or reassurance from it! Just such a thing happened with my post on diet last month.

We shall call him "Mike," and Mike is from Arizona and stumbled across my blog in his ramblings on the world wide intertube! I wanted to share Mike's words with you all, including his personal lab results from a recent physical. Also Mike included some links you all may find interesting.


Hi Jake,

Thanks for your recent blog post on diet.

I've been following a primal type of diet since the beginning of the year. I can tell you that I feel it's the true way to live. You're also right in that eating like this is not so much a diet but a lifestyle. Less sugar and starches in the diet is always a good thing, especially in these days. I did a couple of experiments on myself just to test the theory. September last year I challenged myself to give up juices and just drink water or milk during meals and such. I weighed 180 lbs at the time. Well 2 months later I was down to 170. I wasn't really doing any exercise either, just moderate stretching every now and then. Then in December, I found Mark Sisson's blog: and absorbed everything written. I tried out the high-fat, low carb lifestyle and lost 12 lbs and 12% body fat in about 3 months. I also gained 8% skeletal muscle.

I too recently watched Food, Inc. It's very similar to these which I think you'll like too

I just had my annual physical and bloodwork done about a week ago. Here were the results with their percent differences from last year:

235 Total +25%
63 Trig -22%
73 HDL +40%
152 LDL +36%
11 VLDL -21%
3.2 Total Cholesterol / HDL
0.86 Trig / HDL radio
0.8 CRP

As you may know eating fat doesn't make you fat nor does eating cholesterol (eggs, etc) hurt you either. It's the insulin response to sugars that tells the body to store fat.

My doctor also ordered up a CRP (C-reative proteins) test. This test measures the amount of inflammation in the arteries. It is the swelling of the arteries and their eventual bursting that causes clots and heart attacks. Any number below 1.0 is fine

I've also learned how LDL is a calculated number and very inaccurate when triglycerides are below 150.

From what I understand, most labs just use the Friedewald method which if your trigs are greater than 150 is decently accurate. However the more that trig number is below 150, that method it can become very skewed. Using the Iranian method to calculate my LDL result was 126. I hear that to accurately test for the different kinds of LDL (small dense vs large puffy) is more expensive so almost all labs just go with the calculated Friedewald method.

Also with the trig/HDL ratio way below 2.0 and Chol/HDL ratio below 5.0, I'm doing pretty good. My doctor is onboard with all this actually said that some of her cardiologist and doctor friends might want to prescribe me a statin to lower the LDL and total cholesterol. Thank goodness that we have other ways (CRP, etc) to determine if that number really means anything.

Take care and thanks for a great blog.

Phoenix, AZ

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