December 3, 2009

Jack Johnson - One of Boxings Great's!

Here is a fascinating article on Jack Johnson, boxing's first African-American Heavyweight Champion. Johnson is an inspiration not only for his physical attributes, but also for his unwavering attitude and outlook on life and society living in a time when even champion sportsmen were treated with indifference and racist hatred! In the early 1900's he was convicted of transporting women across state lines for immoral purposes (they were prostitutes with whom he had personal relationships with). Johnson skipped bail and fled for the next few years, eventually coming back and surrendering to the authorities. While in prison he patented a tool and was a model prisoner.

Posthumously George W. Bush signed a bill in 2008 to pardon Johnson, but a companion bill by good ol' boy John McCain shot it down (the more I read about McCain, the less I like him, and I hate fucking politicians!!!!) with the same animosity he has exhibited towards MMA. It is interesting to note that McCain has argued against MMA because of it being "Human cock fighting" and not civilized like boxing. Yet he shoots down a bill to pardon one of boxing's great, POSTHUMOUSLY! I mean really how big of a douche waffle do you need to be to NOT pardon someone for a draconian, antiquated crime even after they have died!?!?

In July of this year Obama passed the pardon 53 years after Johnson's death.

Anyways... check out the article. Neat stuff from one of the greats of the sport!


Check out the size of the gloves in the pic to the right!

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