December 10, 2009

Running for Cardio...Good Idea?

Lets get this out of the way right off the bat... I hate running! I figured out early in life that I was not going to outrun anyone so I may as well learn to stand and fight, hence my first step into the martial arts. And I have seriously tried. Throughout high school I played Lacrosse which had us running, oh I don't know, ALL THE GOD DAMNED TIME!!! Grew up playing basketball. I even tried in the off season's to get in the "groove" (whatever that means). Never got into it. Experienced what some call a "second wind" a couple times, but it was not worth the effort!

So when I started getting serious about cross training for my martial arts practice I had to reconsider running as a supplement. Plane and simple verdict; running long sustained distances does not mimic what I train / train for in the martial arts! I need short, intense bursts of 120% both aerobically and anaerobically! This is more representative of what I will experience either on the mat, or in a self defense situation.

I will do sprints and what not when close to a competition. I jump rope all the time which I find better and more stimulating than running. But most of all I grapple for cardio.

I have had the luxury to train with such notable pro's as Anderson Silva who claims he hates running as well, and when asked how he trains for a fight... "I fight. I am not running in a fight, I am striking, grappling, wrestling. So that is what I do to prepare."

As of late a lot of information has been coming out about the detrimental effects of long distance running. So check out this article for some food for thought regarding one of the most popular exercises in the US!


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