February 15, 2010

Cartmell's First Seminar in Portland a Huge Success!!

The necessity for a basic ground defense, and ability to get back safely to their feet is slowly starting to become a realization for many students and instructors alike! Evidence is in over 40 people attending Tim Cartmell's "Ground Proofing" seminar this past weekend in Portland, OR. Hosted by Sensei Michael Selin and Kit LeBlanc, at the beautiful Ecole Budo Dojo in the St. John's neighborhood of North Portland.

"If one more person had come I would have had to turn them away, we are at m
aximum capacity!" - Michael Selin to Jake Burroughs

Tim worked students and teachers alike, through basic exercises designed not only for strength and coordination, but also to ingrain martial movements into their muscle memory. This gives students a method, form if you will, to practice at home in their solo training that will
be directly applicable in their martial practice.

From their Tim covered basic break falling, using your guard properly when one has a standing opponent trying to engage in a fight. Incrementally working the students from the worst possible scenario (student is on the ground with their opponent standing above them and engaging), through the proper way to defend and rise to your feet, to escape. After this segment of
the seminar Tim then addressed escapes from common positions such as back mount, full mount, and headlocks (common positions in self defense scenarios).

All of the attendees of the seminar worked hard and did really well with working both sides and absorbing the concepts and principles Tim taught.

Sunday morning again brought awe as we stepped onto the mat at Ecole Budo Portland. Hands down the most beautiful dojo I have ever stepped foot into, and I have really only seen about 4 or 5 pictures of dojo's in Japan that would rival. Remodeled two story church, the dojo sits on the second floor with cathedral ceilings (of course), Olympic rings
for strength training, a heavy bag, and climbing rope. The first floor has showers, bathrooms, offices, and a common room.

Tim brought students a series of flow drills working the major positions of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Sunday's BJJ seminar. Breaking the guard, passing the guard, establishing side control into mount, sweeping and beginning the cycle all over with the opposite person. The devil was certainly in the details as we worked only one technique but detailed the hell out of every aspect of the movement. This is the genius of Tim Cartmell. He can break down the minutest detail that most of us pass over, and works it until he completely understands that pass, or submission, or sweep, or position.

The majority of the 20+ attendees were relatively new to BJJ, but even those of us who have been training for a few years took away tons of details with this great seminar.

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For those of you who do not know, Tim has produced two excellent instructional DVD's on Ground Proofing, and Stand Up Grappling Counters. For a preview of the material check out the November 2008 Issue of Black Belt Magazine where I wrote a brief article on Ground Proofing.

Tim, Michael, Kit, and Myself would like to thank all those who came from all over Oregon, and Washington to attend the weekends events and make this one of the largest seminars for Tim yet!


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