March 15, 2010

Congrats NWJJA at the Revolution

I wanted to take a moment and offer a big congrats to all from the NWJJA who competed this weekend. This was the largest team we ever took to a local tournament (at least since I have been with the academy: 3 1/2 years, with over 12 people I believe). Regardless of your record Saturday, you all won because you had the gall to step on the mat and to fight for the win. Brian, myself, and all your brothers and sisters are very proud of all of you!

I am going to apologize now as I know this list will be incomplete. PLEASE email me with corrections!! I had to leave at 3pm Saturday so I did not see some of the white belt matches, nor the no gi. My apologies guys.

Kharina - great first tourney girl
Kenny W - 1st gi & 2nd No gi
Craig Walsh - 3rd I think
Greg - 3rd
Matt Walsh - not sure but homie was tearing up the competition without a sweat!
Matt T -
Chris Webb - good fights brother
Phil - same with you scrappy!
Chicken Wing - next time
Taho -
Mike Adams - solid first tourney, keep it up
Rick-Nick - looked good too, another fine first tourney experience

Lets work harder, and train for the next big event! I will offer a review of the tourney in a separate post. Everyone did well though. Hands down the highest level of BJJ I have seen at a local event since I moved up here. There were some amazing purple belt fights with some solid talent coming up the ranks! PAC NW is packed full of talent.


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