March 4, 2010

Derek Wojcik - Grappling Beast

Mucho thanks to Roy Dean for sharing this on his blog. Derek Wojcik is tearing up the competition in wrestling. Two things really stick out in this video (athletic domination aside); one is his fusion of BJJ / Sambo / Judo / Wrestling techniques. I have no clue of his background, but he does several take downs unique to BJJ, and Sambo! Great pins and transitions! The popularity boom of the grappling arts is starting to really shine through. The second thing that really shines forth is how much of a gentleman Derek is. There are more than a handful of times he has his opponent elevated and could really slam the hell out of him, but he shows his clear domination and sets his opponent down gently into a control position. Some of the knuckleheads out there could learn a thing or two from young Derek.


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