March 31, 2010

Rigan Machado Seminar Review March 2010

One again the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy had the pleasure of hosting Rigan Machado this past Sunday for an impromptu seminar. Rigan was in the area doing some business and called us last minute to come by and train, and for a few lucky BJJ fools we got to spend a few hours training with one of the best BJJ has to offer.

Overall I would have to say the official - unofficial theme was using the aggressive guard, and transitions from there. Focusing on 1/2 guard, butterfly, and spider guard... Rigan led us through a handful of key drills utilizing the hook sweep and addressing certain situations that arise when our opponents react certain ways. For instance he built the seminar like this:

- Arm drag to hook sweep

- If the opponent posts his arm; we collapse the post arm and roll to that direction

- If the opponent sprawls; we shrimp out and take the back, belly down

- And we did an arm drag to directly taking the back if our opponent stayed in bottom 4 quarter position

- If our opponent stand; single leg

The beauty really was in the simplicity of the techniques he showed. Nothing fancy, no flying this's or that's. Just solid fundamental Jit's! The little tips and suggestions Rigan gave us individually were worth the admission alone. We had a small group so we got lots of personal attention from Rigan as he walked around correcting each group having us repeat the movements at least a dozen times before switching and letting our partners work.

Peppered throughout the seminar Rigan had us run drills with ever changing partners where all we did was transition through; arm bar / full guard / butterfly / spider / triangle... all over again. Through constant repetition the transitions started to flow and become second nature. This was what Rigan was talking about when he addressed the "aggressive guard." It does not mean you have to be a spazola trying to kill your opponent, but rather you are imposing your will on your opponent making them react to your actions. Rigan made several comments that the face of Jit's is changing. Becoming less of a defensive game, much more offensive.

Brian, Rigan, and I want to thank all the students who participated at last minute notice to make this happen. Rigan really enjoyed the visit, and I have heard nothing but positive comments from the attendees. We are truly blessed to have such a good friend and teacher as Rigan Machado who has nothing but passion and love for spreading the art if Jiu Jitsu.

Train Hard. Train Smart.

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