April 19, 2010

Great Open Guard Clips and Quotes

Tinguinha is a BJJ black belt who is known for his open guard work, especially his Spider Guard, recently shared a video where he shows a technique in the academy, and offers a clip from him fighting in competition nailing the same move. Pretty slick IMO.

I have also put a few quotes from an interview that can be found on Tinguinha's website. Here is some insightful philosophies and approaches to BJJ from BJJ black belt Helio Soneca. I missed an opportunity to train with Soneca a couple years ago and I am still regretting it.

Lets talk about tournaments now. those who watched your fights know how much of a pleasure and exciting it was to see them . Your fights were a guarantee of a show ,can you talk a little bit about your style of fighting in tournaments? and why do you think today we don't see too many bjj sport fights as exciting as your fights used to be?

A: Like I told you before, I used to fight for fun, my opponents did too. Also, in the early days there were a lot of mismatched fights it was easy to see who was the best. Today everyone is tough, they are great, smart fighters and athletes. Today’s fighters are better matched. Everyone knows everyone else’s game. This can actually make the fights more boring at times.

Can you tell us which of your fights you would say was one of your favorites? and why?

A: The fights I lost made me learn a lot of things. Another valuable lesson I learned is that when you are a champion everybody wants to be your friend, you find out who your true friends are when you are not a champion or famous.

How would you describe your teaching style and what would you tell somebody interested in joining your school?

A: Which restaurants sell more? Health food ones or fast food? Obviously fast food sells more. But, what foods do you give your kids? My BJJ is like the health food restaurant. It’s good for you. I don’t give belts just to give belts. You have to earn them, and that takes time. Belts are not part of my business.
Don’t be a black belt scared to spar and tap to a blue belt. It’s better to be a good blue belt than to be a ridiculous black belt.

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