May 21, 2010

Follow Up on Chongake Post...

Big thanks to Pete over at for finding this on Youtube and sharing. Following up on the Sumo Chongake post I made a few days back, here is a highlight reel of Jacare' owning his opponents with a variation of Chongake. Jacare is considered arguably one of the best BJJ fighters alive today and is starting (very successfully) his MMA career.

Rafael Lovato Jr. is also found of this take down and showed us some of his tricks of the trade in Seaside, OR. when Brian and I visited for a seminar.

Again the amazing aspect of the martial arts is the creativity within the commonality. Every martial art has a variation of this technique and we see it set up and executed uniquely by each person, yet the physical principles are universal truth! This is why I love the martial arts!!


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