May 28, 2010

NW Jiu Jitsu Academy Promotions

I want to offer a huge congrats to the following folks whom were promoted last night at the dojo. Brian does not "give" belts, they are earned at our academy. A lot of people cannot handle not getting a pat on the ass every other month and quit, but those of us who endure know the value of a rank when you earn it under Brian. Rest assured if he hands you a belt, you have been that belt for quite sometime. (I did not think to bring my camera last night, so I subbed this suitable image in lieu;)

Matt W. - Got his well deserved blue belt

Two of the best training partners I have had at the NWJJA were promoted to purple last night; Amauri, and Jason "BJJ Jesus" Wolfenshlagerstein. Both are my size and are constantly challenging me and are great partners to work with. Congrats gents, you have earned it!

Andy Wilson got his purple belt last night as well as Noelle!

Huge congrats for Denise Holcomb and Eric Montenegro for their overdue brown belts! Both Denise and Eric are shining examples of black belts both on and off the mat, and they moved one step closer to that rank with their brown belts last night!

It is great to watch those you have come up through the ranks with succeed and grow and become better and better every time you touch hands and roll! I am proud to call you brothers and sisters in the arts, and I look forward to many more great years of training with all of you.


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