June 25, 2010

Foster BJJ Grand Opening

I must apologize for the lack of writing as of late. I am finally starting to kinda feel like I am caught up, but the next week or two will be busy as hell!

Amidst the craziness local BJJ black belt James Foster opened his new, larger gym in Kent, WA. Unfortunately I just found out about the grand opening seminar and celebration via Steves BJJ Blog (catching up on all the old posts I missed!). I spoke with Coach Foster at the Pan Am's and he told me he was getting a new place, but I did not realize it was this close to being done.

Albeit late, I would like to offer my congrats to Coach Foster and his ever growing academy! Wish I could of made it.
Here is a little choke that Givanildo Santana showed at the seminar. Something to work on this weekend:

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