June 3, 2010

Fun In The Sun... Taiji That Is!

Spent a beautiful weekend down in Orange County, CA. where the weather was sunny and warm with plenty of sun. Got in Sat night and though I missed the hawks game, I did see the UFC card. Yet another lame and overall unexciting event. TONS of decisions, but it was nice to see little Nog play some deep 1/2 guard in MMA! He did well with it.

I traveled to LA to get in some training and help my friend and teacher Tim Cartmell do some taping for an upcoming project he has on the coals. Tim and his student Troyce Thome have produced the most authentic traditional Sun Taiji book and DVD series available to date. The book will be produced by McGraw Hill Publishing, and the DVD series (four volumes) will be produced in-house as Tim's other DVD projects.

Sun Taiji is one of the least known systems of Taiji and in general is poorly represented here in the west with only a handful of people teaching it. The DVD's available on the market are terrible to say the least. Practitioners have been patiently waiting for someone as knowledgeable and authoritative as Tim to produce a quality product such as this, and I am honored to be a part of it.

This series will focus mostly on the form, proper postural alignment coupled with power testing, while examples of applications will be peppered throughout the instructional. The intent for these DVD's is to make available to practitioners of Sun Taiji a viable reference for traditional Sun Taiji as taught from Sun Lu Tang to his daughter Sun Jian Yun, whom in turn taught it to my teacher Tim Cartmell.

I have few details as of yet other than what I have provided above. Stay tuned and I will certainly post details of where you can order these, price, and release date! I know it will be finalized in the next month or so!

The weekend was great. Good to spend time with Tim. Worked Taiji all weekend long. Touched up my technique and form from the Sun, and continued working on the Zhaobao Taiji as well. Good solid stuff!


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