June 22, 2010

Martial U a Success

Sorry for the absence as of late. A writing project fell into my lap and was needed ASAP so I spent most of the past 4 days writing, editing, and rewriting. Not much down time, and no offense, I did not want to write on my break from...writing! More on that project later...

So I made it bright and early, well... at least early. Rather gloomy day. I got their about a 1/2 hour before my sessions which were three blocks back to back. Turnout was pretty low but the enthusiasm was high. I had great groups throughout the day working on Ground Proofing, as most of the cats at this event were Karate and Kenpo practitioners. I thought this curriculum was ideal for this venue.

Everyone caught on very quickly and were able to remember the details of the techniques I shared. I encouraged everyone to take what they learned back to their students, teachers, and training partners so that everyone can benefit from learning some basic skills to keep yourself safe in ground situations.

From what I hear the event drew $600 for charity which is great! Hopefully next year with a little more press and exposure we can get more attendance. I want to send out a heart felt thanks to Mark Hachey who orchestrated this years shin-dig. Without him this would not have manifested. Cheers brother!

Train Hard. Train Smart.

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