July 21, 2010

1930 Shuaijiao in Tianjin - Pu Enfu

Here is a great picture of a group of Shuaijiao practitioners in Tianjin China circa 1930. Many thanks to my bud William in the great white north who sent me the link.

From L - R:
Zhang Lianchen, Zhang Hongyu, Wang Wenhai, Pu Enfu, Ma Wenping, Wang Haizheng
There are not many pictures out there of Pu Enfu (1911-1986), one of the best wrestlers of his time, and here we find a pic of a young Pu (third from right) who was my teachers (Hu Xi Lin) Shuaijiao coach in Beijing! He would have been no older than 20 at the time of this snapshot.
I have compiled all the info I got from Hu in an article entitled "Threading a Needle in a Flash of Lightning" in the Aug. 2006 issue of 'Kung Fu Tachi' magazine. You can also

find this article on my website's article page.

A younger Pu Enfu (also Pu Liu) on the right.


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