July 11, 2010

Aoki vs Kawajiri

Love him or hate him, Shinya Aoki is always fun to watch. This past Sat morning he did not disappoint getting a vicious straight ankle lock on Tatsuya Kawajiri in Dream's 15th showing. I just so happened to get up at 3:30am to drain the main vein, so I got out to the living room, turning the volume on the TV down and was able to catch the final match with Aoki.

Shinya needed this win after the ass whooping he caught against Gilbert Melendez in Aoki's US debut.

Aoki gets a beautiful straight ankle lock and really puts it on. Kawajiri stubbornly fights it for way too long, and will most likely be off the mat for quite a few weeks.

Check it out, very nice submission by one of the most entertaining grapplers in MMA today.


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