July 29, 2010

George Sotiropoulos Tribute

Thanks to 10th Planet HQ for sharing this tribute video to one of the quietest up and coming MMA fighters in the world; George Sotiropoulos!

When Brian was in Vegas just a couple weeks ago he had the opportunity to train with George, as George paid a visit to his first BJJ coach (who rewarded George his black belt) John Will who was also in Vegas.  Brian actually got some mat time with George and they exchanged ideas and techniques.  I don't think Brian will mind me sharing some of our private conversation about the experience:

"Plain and simple, George is a grappling genius!  He is so far ahead of anyone in MMA, and his mat sense is uncanny.  I look forward to training with him more." - Brian Johnson on George Sotiropoulos

I am paraphrasing a bit, but Brian's overall impression was blown away by how smart George was.  Brian is not impressed easily, and he kept mentioning how innovative George was.  Now that George has bought a house in Southern Washington I am willing to bet we just may see him up here in Seattle visiting sometime soon;)

And that is one of the main reasons I train with Brian... he is still learning and training!  Brian is constantly growing and developing from anyone that he can learn from; even his students.  So many teachers forget their original role as student and become almost holier than thou as they turn their passion into a business.

Enjoy the video,

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