July 22, 2010

Going through Changes, Support Your MA Junkie

As you have noticed we have been going through some changes here at "The Ground Never Misses."  In an effort to try and get any kind of funding for seminars, tournaments, and training I have included Adsense and Amazon links to my blog.  You may ask, "Has thee soldeth outeth Jaketh?" and the simple answer is... perhaps.  I love the martial arts and I enjoy writing about them for this blog, but in the end I am not making any money doing it, and whether I like it or not; training cost's money.  Lots of it!

So anytime you check out a link (you do not have to buy anything) it helps me out in a minuscule way.  Hell, even $10 a month is $120 a year; and that right there is registration for most tournaments and/or seminars (with a few bucks left over for beers;).  I want to be clear and let you know that I have no control over what they advertise and certainly do not endorse any or all of it.  I review books and DVD's here so feel free to use the search option below to see if it is a title I have looked at, but otherwise it is by no means an endorsement by me.  Simply advertising space for the evil conglomerates.

I really appreciate the support and feedback I get from my readers.  I am constantly surprised at whom is checking me out.  John Will even made a comment that he enjoys reading my blog every week!   I am honored that someone of his caliber even glances at something I share online.

Of course I am not opposed to rich people sponsoring me on any level if any of you are looking to get a tax write off!

I know it is a bit gaudy, but I am hoping this will help me out in even in the smallest way and I promise to rip it down if it gets out of control.

Thanks for your time and support!

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