July 26, 2010

Muay Thaimes - New Magazine

"Muay Thaimes: The Most Sublime Savagery in Sports" is a rather new quarterly rag to hit the market (as much as I hate to pimp them, B&N downtown has been carrying some awesome martial art rags lately, as well as this one), or at least it is new to me.

Besides having the coolest subtitle: "The Most Sublime Savagery in Sports" Muay Thaimes has some very, very good photography.  Unfortunately it seems the publication is centered around the shots and writing has taken a back seat (sign of the times!?!?).  Published with the seasons, the summer 2010 issue is jammed pack full of fight results from professional MT events around the country and a few overseas.  This is cool I am sure for those who fought, but really is of little interest to those of us not near any of those events, nor knowing any of the fighters in said events.

One of the better articles 'Fighting for Change' covers Kru Paul Barry's attempts to reach the impoverished and underprivileged of Newport, Delaware.  Offering a safe haven for kids of all ages to come train and interact with others that share similar interests, or whom simply want to get off the streets.

The highlight article of "MT's" is what seems to be an ongoing series of Muay Thai in America and this issues focuses on Paulo Tocha.  Paulo grew up in Africa and traveled the world training and teaching Muay Thai, as well as fighting any and every where he could.   An interesting life story of someone we never hear about.

What little coverage Muay Thai gets in this country is piss poor to say the least, so I think any publication that is doing its best to spread the word of the traditional art of Thailand is worth a look.  But to be brutally honest Muay Thaimes needs to get some better writers and more interesting content to be truly successful.  Some articles on techniques would be great!  Fighting philosophies, attitudes and approaches to coaching would be a bonus.

Check it out if you get the chance, and throw $5 towards the cause.  I would caution against a subscription as I am not sure how many more volumes they will be able to fund.


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