August 4, 2010

Anderson Silva - Muay Thai Days

Here is footage of Anderson Silva doing some Muay Thai early in his career vs. Tadeu Sammartino.  I am stoked, yet a bit apprehensive about getting too excited for this weekends Chael Sonnen match with Silva.  A couple things stand out from this video that I am sure we will see.

Number 1: Silva's ability to hit hard and accurately while retreating.  One would think we would have limited power striking while retreating, but Silva's timing and accuracy is simply uncanny.  These were the aspects I was looking for in his book on striking.  Unfortunately all we got was how to execute a 1-2 combo.

Number 2: Anderson is so calm it makes one wonder!  Look how relaxed he is compared to his opponent.

I hope this weekend we see the true Anderson Silva shine through and kick the shit out of the pseudo wanna be republican Chael Sonnen!


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