August 20, 2010

"Customer Service" - Do You Remember It?

Am I getting old?  I find myself getting increasingly aggravated by what I perceive as an alarming lack of customer service in the SERVICE industry!!  Followers of the Ground Never Misses remember last week's cluster of a flock with Google and their unwillingness to even address one of their CONTRACT EMPLOYEES (for which I was for a month) questions and concerns.

Well it must be something in the water as Mark Sisson over at Marks Daily Apple (a website I link to and often draw information from because he usually has solid things to offer in terms of nutrition and exercise) seems to be suffering from some sort of service phobia as well!

Mark recently release a free e-book on "Primal Exercise" and being a regular subscriber to his posts and emails I thought I would get it and check out some of the things he had to say about free body weight routines and what not.  Well perhaps I missed an email somewhere or something, but I never got the link to the e-book.  When I tried to get it via his site, it said I was already registered and could not register again (whatever that means).  So I figured no biggie, just email Mark and he will graciously share the e-book with me, as in the past he has been very quick to answer questions for readers worldwide.

So I send a short email via his site (again, what is with the lack of emails available) simply asking for a link to the e-book, which keep in mind is free!  So basically it means Mark would have to click a few times on a mouse and that is about it!

The response I get is basically a template for the computer ignorant; "check your junk box as the email may have been filtered out."  Did that already.  "If it cannot be found there, simply go open up a new email account and re-sign up with the website to get the free e-book."  WHAT?!?!?  Go sign up on a different email simply to get your free e-book?  Why would I do that??

I politely answered back that I thought that was a bit ridiculous just to get a FREE e-book that he has on his computer.

No response.

Just a few days ago I sent another email asking for a resolution to the issue.  Again... no response.  I wonder if he sees this post if he will continue to slack in the customer service area?

So I am left to deduce what the goal of Mark's is, as obviously disseminating information in an effort to help people is NOT his agenda:

Basically it all boils down to whom is going to buy his stuff.  His books, his supplements etc.  A free e-book is nothing but pure, FREE, advertising for himself and yet his customer service skills can merely muster a "get a different email address" to the most common, easily fixed problem one of his customers could have; I simply did not get a link!

I contemplated pulling down his site from my blog roll, as I really do not want to be associated with greedy, self indulgent douche waffles.  But then I decided NOT to act like Google an censor where my readers get information from, and I will leave it to you to decide.  After all the power to make, or break, these companies big or small lies within each one of our hands.  We can choose whom we give our time and money to, and when ignorant companies and CEO's start seeing that their bottom line is suffering, perhaps they will start to take something as simple as customer service seriously.  In the end my mid west upbringing has taught me a few simple rules, and one of them is "The customer isn't always right, but they still are the customer and I should do everything in my power to make the situation right."

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