August 23, 2010

Customer Service Update

My blog post below a few days ago ranted a bit about the general lack of customer service I am experiencing as of late, and Mark Sisson was at the brunt of the bitch.  As I stated in the post below I tried contacting him several times and got a cookie cutter response the first attempt, with no reply's the following emails.

When I posted the blog I sent a copy of it to Mark, and I guess that motivated him to contact me as I had an email waiting for me this AM.  I must admit Mark was very nice in supplying the link (all I asked for to begin with) and said he felt I was a bit harsh in my treatment of him and the situation, and to consider that he gets literally hundreds of emails a day, and not to forget this was a "free" gift I was bitching about.  I said perhaps I was a bit harsh, but customer service seems to be the first thing out the window when someone grows bigger then their britches.  And regardless of what your product is, nor how much it costs, customer service is paramount.

So I thought it was only fair to offer a follow up to my readers and to let them know Mark did respond.

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