August 13, 2010

Google Scam Sense

< Those who visit my blog daily have noticed that the Google AdSense ad's disappeared as quickly as they were put up.  "What is up with that?" you may be asking.  I too would like to know! 

Wednesday afternoon I returned home from training and teaching to an email telling me my AdSense account has been closed.  At first I thought it was merely another spam email, but just in case I opened it up and took a look.  It was legitimately from someone at Google.  No ability to reply mind you, no name, no customer service number, essentially no customer service!  Not a surprise, but disappointing none the less. So I wasted the next 30 minutes of my day searching for what the hell was the reasoning, as Google did not give me a reason.  They simply said I was doing something "illegal," shut my account down, provided a link to a FAQ page if I had further questions, and basically told me to fuck off!  The only action I could provide was to write an appeal, which I was told they may not be able to respond to for WEEKS because of high volume of appeals!  None the less I appealed even though I still had no clue what I was appealing!?

 So I basically deduced that their were one of two problems.  I had a couple of people tell me the links they clicked on would not open a new page.  They did nothing.  While I did not experience this directly I had at least 2-3 people tell me that they kept trying to load a certain page and it would not.  Perhaps their incessant  clicking angered the Google God's!??!?! The other issue it MIGHT have been (keep in mind Google has yet to address the actual issue with my account) is that Google was tracking IP addresses and being in Seattle, with a handful of friends whom work in high tech labs on VERY protected computers, many companies have hidden IP addresses to avoid spam, infiltration from outside sources etc.  Essentially Google says on their FAQ sheet that they track IP's yet cannot share how they do it, nor will they tell you why (think about it.... if Google REALLY wanted to get rid of spam they could, just like we could get rid of junk mail if we REALLY gave a golden shit about recycling and paper use...) Google thrives off of cookies/spam and they use it to gain info on what you are buying / searching for online! So I can only deduce (again I have politely asked Google for reasoning, but since they have no customer service I am left to speculate) that most likely they got pissed that certain IP addresses could not be traced and exploited for their profit!  So their answer... shut me down!

  Essentially this is what happened to me, except this guy has way more time to argue with the Google idiots!

From the above link it seems that if traffic bumps by as little as 3-4% Google shuts you down!

What really angers me is two fold:
1- Whatever the reasoning; it is out of my control!  To suggest that I am trying to "scam" Google online is absurd (especially those of you whom know me, I can barely check my email!).  So any of the issues listed on their FAQ sheet were quite simply out of my control!  Why should I get punished for something I cannot control?

2- Googles customer service... the only service you get is after you bend over for them!  What kind of corporation does not even provide contact info for problems with their customers?  Not even an email??  Absurd!  Could you imagine having food poisoning at a restaurant where you could not contact the manager to discuss the issue, and when you emailed them you were sent a link to a FAQ sheet that basically made 20 general problems as to why you got food poisoning!?!?  Insane!

Alas this is the society we have all agreed to live in though.  No one stands up and says "Fuck that!" anymore.  Complacent little lemmings who behave and never step out of line.  Sad.

So my advice (which is worthless at the current US dollar amount) is to not even deal with Google Ad Sense if you are thinking about it!  What a terrible experience and a giant waste of time.  All in the attempt to make a few measly bucks and basically provide FREE advertising for Google's accounts!  I should have been less greedy I suppose. Don't buy into this for no other reason then if you do encounter problems you will be left in the rain like a red headed step child!

Fuck you very much google!

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