August 13, 2010

More Google Debacles......

Fellow PAC NW martial blogger Chris Marshall at Martial Development dotcom has had similar issues with Google in the past, and said he is STILL waiting after 5+ months for Google to reply to his request of specifically what they deem acceptable content!   Click here to read his whole ordeal.  Chris believes they have a certain agenda with martial arts and martial artists.  So fellow kickers, punchers, and grapplers beware!

Here is a clip I borrowed from Chris' blog that is short and to the point.  I knew Google was no different than any other conglomerate, but I did not realize the extent of their hypocrisy and just how thirsty they are to "rule" the information realm.  "1984" anyone!?

Why does it seem so hard for a company to be hugely successful without fucking over others!?!?


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