August 11, 2010

More Great Diet Info

Diet seems to be the hot topic of the day as of late.  In the news, on the web, in the dojo etc.  Big thanks to my bud Mike Morgan for sending me these great links and clips!  Before we go any further I must make clear that I am not a trained anything!  I have very little (and biased) diet info from Natural Therapeutics school, and what I consider an intelligent diet may not be the best for you.  I encourage you to read any and all sources of info (even the bullshit biased stats coming from the FDA) and make your own intelligent decisions, as only you know your body like you know your body!  Oh... and if you are not in touch with your body enough to be able to communicate with it; lets start today shaping up your diet and exercise regime!

I personally do not believe it TOTALLY cutting out any one thing.  Veggie's are foolish, as are the strict Paleo nuts who avoid fruits and what not.  I dabble into a little bit of everything except High Fructose Corn Syrup, most all dairy, and try my damnedest not to ingest anything processed.  Obvious vice exceptions apply too; beer!  

Pay Now, Live Later is a great paleo blog packed full of info and is the producer of the following three clips on Paleo Lifestyle in a nutshell!  Check them out as they are to the point, fun, and break everything down pretty simply.





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