October 17, 2010

"The Burn Machine Speed Bag" - Product Review

The Burn Machine is one of the latest home exercise crazes to hit the market, and at first glance you may just shrug this off as being another gimmick that is going to dry out your checking account and sit in your closet.  While I cannot comment on the latter portion of that statement, The Burn Machine (TBM) is an versatile workout tool that is comparatively affordable, excellent for all ages & body types, and best yet ... TBM is compact enough to travel with!

The version submitted to me was the chrome 12 pound Professional Speed Bag (picture to the right), along with several DVDs.    Firstly I must say that in a time of lousy customer service, the people working for the Detroit, MI. based company are exceptionally polite and eager to help their current and prospective clients with any aspect of the product (not going to rant, but the rest of the country can learn something from these Midwest based companies in regards to customer service!).

$149 and affordable shipping included a secure box, 12 Pound Pro. Speed Bag Burn Machine, an exercise reference DVD and wall poster.  The poster and DVD are basic exercises one can perform with TBM, and they highlight certain posture and alignment tips for safe training.  This DVD comes with all versions and offers a total body workout utilizing all major muscle groups.  And that is one of the great aspects of TBM; versatility!

The 360 degree rotating grips make this Asymmetrical Barbell System ergonomically sound, and you have all the advantages of barbell's with a 1/10th of the space being taken up at home.  You have half a dozen options when personalizing your Burn Machine:

- Several colors are available including red, pink, chrome, and others.
- Everything from the Novice which is 4lbs. to the Ultimate Burn Machine which is 48lbs.
- Extra crescent weights can be added to certain models.
- MMA & 10 Round Exercise Routine DVDs are also available for those needing a workout regime.

Cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility... in all honesty TBM offers a little bit of every type of training for the martial artist, amateur athlete, and just those looking to change up their workout routine at home or the gym.  As a martial artist I see lots of potential with having something this small, yet versatile in your academy.  I am able to do any and all basic free weight exercises.  80% of my medicine ball workout can be used with TBM.  Obviously leg workouts are rather limited to squats and variations there-of, and to be honest strength building in the legs is limited because of the lack of considerable weight.  But again for those who are just getting back into shape this is a great way to get the feet wet.

Core conditioning is great with TBM as the added weight and ergonomic design essentially make TBM similar to using a medicine ball or barbell for added weight doing crunches, Russian twists etc.

Upper body and arm workouts are really where TBM shines!  The smooth ball bearing design offers some crazy exercises that challenge both your strength, dexterity, and ability to maintain rhythm.  The smooth flow make repetitive actions easy on your joints while exhausting your muscles throughout the arm and shoulder girdle.

This is a perfect addition for martial artists of all ilk.  Whether you are swinging a stick in Kali, or throwing right cross in boxing TBM will help improve both strength and speed.  With speed drills especially you will see marked improvements with your strike retention rate.  I also believe that TBM helped rehab my shoulder and elbow injuries with just enough weight to make it challenging without the risk of re-injuring my arm or aggravating the existing injury.

TBM has just finished production (I may be one of the first people reviewing this DVD) on a brand new DVD for the Speed Bag.  A 10 round, 32 minute conditioning routine using TBM giving the whole body a challenging workout which incorporates aerobic and strength training.  Led by Laura this is an easy to follow workout much like you would find in a group class at the gym.

Their is only one camera angle, but Laura does a good job being clear with her movements and explanations.  The main menu also has the option of skipping to certain rounds if their is something you want to repeat or focus on.

This DVD will retail for $19.99 when it becomes available in the coming weeks.  Overall it is a simple no frills DVD of a workout routine.  For those new to this type of training a DVD like this is essential.

"MMA Training" is the second DVD submitted for review.  This is obviously geared towards the martial arts crowd where we have Mike "Rage" Miller, and Fred "The Detroit Diesel" George (no, I have not heard about them either and I am from the area) lead us through various workout regime's incorporating TBM.  Offering two, 5 minute rounds, and one 6 minute round the viewer is led through a series of drills working all ranges of combat (striking, clinch, ground) incorporating short bursts with TBM.

Their is less instruction here with more focus on a grueling workout.  Again no frills and nothing revolutionary here but a good routine put together by George who is the fitness editor for MMA Worldwide magazine.  It should be noted you will need a partner for all of the drills on this exercise with the exception of just the striking combined with TBM which could be done on a heavy bag.

A single camera angle shows all the rounds, and in the extras section they have local guest instructors Shannon Pawless and Chris Malgeri do some quick workouts.  The host's are a bit goofy and certainly not as easy on the eyes as Laura in the Speed Bag DVD, but overall this is a solid DVD for the beginner.  "MMA Training" retails for $19.

Overall TBM Speed Bag is an excellent training aid for people of all fitness levels, and a wonderful tool for rehabbing injuries.  The beauty of TBM is versatility and portability.  Easy to pack, this is the perfect workout answer for the on the go traveller or businesswoman.  Check out Nick Scott below demonstrating various exercises with the Speed Bag:

The Speed Bag is an excellent piece of equipment that will find a home in gyms, dojos, and apartments everywhere.  Easy to use with no impact on the joints The Speed Bag brings together all the positives of free weights, kettle bells, and medicine balls without the expense and space needed for all those pieces of equipment.  Order your Speed Bag today by clicking here.


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